About Us

Kalkatic |kal-ka-tik| is an Alberta based and operated engineering firm providing structural consulting engineering services to our clients in public and private sectors in Western Canada and beyond. Our structural engineering services are not limited to conventional structures such as commercial, industrial, residential, bridges, etc. We consistently challenge ourselves by undertaking projects that are unconventional and out of the box because we believe that growth and innovations are only possible by challenging ourselves beyond the conventional. This is why we regular undertake projects that requires the application of finite element analysis to dissect the project and come up with best possible structural design that is efficient, economical and robust.

Our strength is that we listen and accommodate our clients input in all our projects, and we utilize the underline first principles of mechanics of materials to come up with best possible solution to our clients project. Our staff are a dedicated team of structural engineers who are passionate in providing the highest quality of engineering services to our client regardless of size or scope.