Structural Engineering
Services Kalkatic Offers

Design of Residential, Office, & Industrial Buildings

Steel Connection Design, Shop & Erection Drawings

Evaluation & Design of Cranes & Supporting Structures

Design of Silos and Earth Retaining Structures

Design of Modular Buildings, Traffic Signs, & Billboard Posts

Building Condition Assessment, Failure Analysis, & Retrofit

Delegated connection design

Steel fabricators are required to design the connections capable of transferring the specified loads. Kalkatic provides such connection design services (calculation and sketch) in an economical manner complying with the applicable code requirements while ensuring constructability.  

Shop drawings

Kalkatic utilizes state-of-the-art computer programs to generate shop fabrication drawings, erection plans, elevations and relevant details in order to accomplish fast and efficient installation of steel and aluminum framings. We also provide detailed bill of materials to aid in the material procurement and delivery of assemblies to the job sites.

Modular buildings

To address the need of customers and to keep face with the market trend, Kalkatic provides a complete set of service in modular construction including superstructure  design of modular unit & foundation design suitable for on-site condition while ensuring the ease of construction.

Residential buildings

Kalkatic Engineering delivers efficient and cost effective structural engineering solutions to public and private sectors in Canada. We provide structural design services for single family, single to multi-storey condominium, and apartment buildings.

Office/commercial buildings

Our team of highly qualified and passionate structural engineers have the expertise and depth of experience to assist you in structural components of your commercial projects from conceptual to final design stage. Kalkatic is equipped with necessary expertise to assist you with single to multi-storey office buildings and retail stores.

Industrial buildings

Kalkatic has technical expertise to help you with industrial buildings such as factory buidings, warehouse, greenhouse, shed, silo, farmhouse, Barn, & others. Should you require any other specific building design please let us know. We will work with you for an efficient and economical structure.

Building condition assessment

Our services in Building Condition Assessment includes review of existing building envelope, mechanical, electrical and structural components. We keep record of existing condition via visual inspection, & photographic evidence. We report of the building condition, with recommendations and estimated cost associated required maintenance and renovation. 

Failure analysis & retrofit

Improper design and construction practice eventually lead to failure of structural systems. Kalkatic has unique expertise in investigating the cause of any incidents through documenting the facts objectively. We also provide necessary technical drawings to rectify structural deficiencies.

Building renovation

Kalkatic provides a comprehensive engineering solution to the challenges you encounter while renovating your home or commercial structures. Our cost effective drawing package will enable you to carry out every step of the construction process smoothly.

Billboards and traffic signs

You want to build a robust and economical billboard post, Kalkatic is here to assist you with that. We are experienced and fully equipped to provide you with complete superstructure and foundation design of traffic signals and billboards of any height.

Engineered lift plans

We provide engineered lift plans and procedures for a wide range of applications. Lift procedures complies with ASME P30.1, CSA Z150, & ISO 31000.

Cranes and rigging

Kalkatic is one of the leading companies that provide numerous services in the area of cranes and rigging including evaluation & modification cranes, vehicles, steel frame man/material baskets, spreader bars, lifting lugs, & conversion of heavy machineries.